Bigg Boss 12 Audition and Registration 2018: Quick Entry Process - Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss 12 Audition and Registration 2018: Quick Entry Process

Bigg Boss 12 Audition and Registration 2018: Quick Entry Process
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Hi Friends, Are you the huge fan of Bigg Boss? Would you like to join of Bigg Boss 12? Looking for Bigg Boss 12 Online Registration Date? Do you want to know about Bigg Boss 12 Audition and BiggBoss 12 entry Process 2018?

If you have all these queries in your mind then don’t worry guys, as here I’ll tell you all the things about Bigg Boss 12 Registration and Audition. In this post, you’ll get some interesting things such as Bigg Boss 12 Audition Dates, Bigg Boss 12 registration process, How to become a part of Bigg Boss 2018 Season. Not only this, I’ll also tell you about the Bigg Boss 12 Auditions Video

So Overall, All your questions will be answered today and if you still have any questions then don’t forget to comment below.

Bigg Boss 12 Registration & Audition Process, dates, forms

Bigg Boss 12 Registration & Audition Process, dates, forms

We all know Bigg Boss is the biggest and most watched Reality TV show of India. This show has increased its fans over the last 10 years because of its amazing concept. The last year season i.e. Bigg Boss 10 was one of the most watched Bigg Boss in India. Most of the people in India liked this tv show including me :D.

According to me the reason for such a huge TRP was the change in Bigg Boss Concept, where they took common people as well. So, In last season of Bigg Boss, their were some Commoners along with the celebrities. Hence, the fun was more as well as the interest of people was even more. And if you are the one who want to join Bigg Boss 12 as Common Man, then don’t worry you will get full information here.

Bigg Boss 12 Audition Procedure

Here I will tell you the exact process of Bigg Boss 12 Audition and Bigg Boss 12 registration online.

At this page, our website you will easily learn about the Bigg Boss 12 entry process for the common man in BB season 12.

So let’s see what is the eligibility criteria, how to apply for Bigg Boss, registration dates and most importantly get selected through the auditions.

What is the Eligibility to Participate in Bigg Boss 12 (2018)

First of all, lets see the eligibility criteria, the process of registering and how to apply.

  • To participate in Bigg Boss as a common man participant, you must be above the age of 18 years as on 23rd January 2018.
  • You must be an Indian citizen with all the legal proof of citizenship like Passport, Driving Licence, Voter Id etc.
  • You must surely have any or all the below mentioned documents and ID proof at the time of registration to participate in Bigg Boss 2018. Also, these documents should have valid proof of your age so that you face no issues later on.

What are the Documents required for Participation?

You must have at least 4 documents among the below-mentioned list.

  • Birth certificate
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • 10th Passing Certificate
  • Driving license
  • Permanent Account Number (‘PAN’)
  • Voters identity card
Bigg Boss 12 Audition

Bigg Boss 12 Audition

Make sure that you Submit all the legal and valid documents otherwise if you try to make a fraud your registration will be canceled and you might end up in a court case too.

Safety Tip: Beware of Fraud Calls that might ask money in return for Bigg Boss House Entry. All these are fake as ColorsTV(Bigg Boss Team) would never ask you money for entering the house.

Bigg Boss 12 Apply Online (Registration)

There are two ways to register for Bigg Boss 12. Both the ways to register are online and you need to do all the required steps in order to submit your application.

  1. Voot Website
  2. Voot Mobile App

So, Here in this post, I will share both the ways for Bigg boss 2018 registration through online form.

Requirements for Filling Bigg Boss season 12 online Form

Before I tell you the exact process to fill the online form of the audition, you need to get a few things in place first. Let’s check that out.

  • Email Id
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Height & Weight
  • Instagram Handle
  • Twitter Handle
  • Facebook Profile
  • Reason to be on the Show
  • Most important – An Entertaining video of yours

Once you have all the things in place, now you are good to fill the online form of Bigg Boss. I will also tell you a few things about Video you need at the end of the post.

How to do Bigg Boss 12 Registration online?

To register via the official website of Bigg Boss just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit Voot Online Registration Form Here
  2. Now Fill all the details like Your Name, Email ID, Address, Reason to be on the show, Instagram Handle etc.

    Bigg Boss registration form apply now

    Bigg Boss registration form apply now

  3. Now upload the Video that you had prepared & Submit.submit bigg boss form
  4. Enter all the details correctly and completely.
  5. If selected, you will get an email or call and then they will tell you the further procedure.

Note: Video size should be less than 500 MB and less than 3 minutes.

Here are some quick tips for Bigg Boss 11 Auditions by Manveer Gurjar.

If you want to Apply online for Bigg Boss 12 audition under common man quota through your phone, then follow the below steps:

  • Download the Voot App Android | iOS
  • Now open the app & Click on Top Left
  • Now click on ‘Bigg Boss Auditions’

    voot bigg boss 12 Audition process

    voot bigg boss 12 Audition process

  • You will get the form and you need to fill it completely
  • Once Completed, just click Submit and you are done!

I hope you must have understood how you need to apply for Bigg Boss 12 Audition through the online registration process.

Now let’s have a look at some of the other questions that you might have in your mind.


  • Bigg Boss 12 Contestant List
  • Bigg Boss 12 House Pics
  • Watch Bigg Boss 12 Live Feed 24×7

What is Bigg Boss Online Audition Start Date?

Bigg Boss 12 registrations have already been started for the common man (commoners) on 6th June and you need to apply online as per the above-given steps.

What is the Last Date of Bigg Boss 12 Entry Registration?

Currently, the last date of registration is 30th June 2018 which given by the BiggBoss Team. But do not waste your time and start the online registration process right now.

When the Biss Boss 12 registration last date Extend or Not?

Currently, their is no news about Extension of the last date of applying online for auditions. But yes, I will surely update you about this if we get any notifications.

What should be the minimum age for Applying?

You should be a least 18 years of age until 23rd January 2018.

Is it necessary to be a citizen of India?

Yes, this online application form is only for Indian Citizens and they will come under Commoners.

What type of video is required for Auditions?

Your video should be entertaining and should show you real talent so that you can get selected. Here you can read more about Bigg boss 12 Preparation Tips.

What should be the size of the Video?

Your video should be less than 500 MB in Size and 3 Minutes in length. Videos which are longer will be disqualified.

What to do If I got selected for Bigg Boss 12 Auditions?

If you got selected in the first step then you will get a call or email from Bigg Boss Team and they will tell you the further process.

Is there are Registration or Bigg Boss Entry Fees?

No, There is no registration fees at all. And Beware of fraud calls or email which may ask you some money.

How many videos can I send?

You can send only 1 video. So make sure to give your best shot for this Bigg Boss 12 Audition!

Bigg Boss 2018 Common Man Audition – Important Tips

So I believe that by now you must have understood all the important things and Bigg Boss 12 entry process. I you still have any questions just comment down below, I will be more than happy to help you.

Make sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully before submitting the online form and prepare accordingly.

At the End I would say that Bigg Boss is the biggest show in India. Reason? The main reason for its tremendous popularity in just 1 year is because of the common man entry. Yes, the TRP of Bigg Boss was the highest in 10 years and hence we can understand the reason.

This new concept of inviting a few commoners from India is really amazing and was loved by almost everyone. And here is you chance to be a part of Bigg Boss and show your hidden talent to the world. You can be famous as Manveer Gurjar who was the winner of Bigg Boss season 10.

Also, Salman Khan will be hosting this season 2018 as it will be full of excitement and surprises. We would get to see some huge drama and task. It’s just a matter of some months, that the show will be live again and we can have fun watching it.

Hurry Up!!! Guys, don’t miss this opportunity because the Registration of Bigg Boss 12 has started and mostly people are trying their luck. So, don’t waste your time on other things just read carefully our article once again and follow all the steps properly.

That’s It!! I hope you really liked this article about Bigg Boss 12 Audition/Registration process. To get more updated on this article don’t forget to click on ourRed Bell Icon“.

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