Bigg Boss 12 Winner- Countdown has started!! - Bigg Boss Vote

Bigg Boss 12 Winner- Countdown has started!!

Bigg Boss 12 Winner- Countdown has started!!
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Countdown to the finale of Bigg Boss 12 has started. Today’s show will be the last episode and at night the show will also get the 12th winner, but before knowing who is going to decorate this crown on the head of a contender. In such a short time in the show, there has been a war between the fans on social media … let’s know who is getting the support of the most.

Now, in the Top 5 Race, Karanveer, Deepak, Romil, Dipika and Sreesanth are face-to-face in the show. Meanwhile, big news came to the show’s audience. According to our reports, which gave the exclusive news of Big Boss’s house, Karanveer Bohra and Romil Chaudhary were disfellowshipped from Big Boss’s house in the Top 5 Contestants. The names of three finalists are in front.

Bigg Boss has reached Deepika Kakkar, Deepak Thakur and Sreesanth in Top 3 Contestants of Season 12. If there is news of media reports, Deepika Kakkar, Deepak Thakur and Sreesanth are getting tremendous rumors about the votes. According to the latest information, Deepak has also been out of Finale’s race. Right here, Deepika is ahead of Sr.Shentha in terms of voting.

According to the polling on the Internet in the name of bigg-boss-12-voting, the battle between Sreesanth and Deepika on the first two numbers is ongoing in the polling for Finale’s Top Five Contestants. Surprisingly, Sreesanth, who is ahead of the beginning in the voting, is seen lagging behind Deepika before finale. According to the chart, a total of 43 thousand votes were cast.

Deepika Kankar is number one before the close to 13 thousand votes. Sreesanth is at number two with nearly 11 thousand votes. Deepika and Rumi are ranked third and fourth respectively. Karanveer is in the final position with the lowest votes. If the result of voting is changed in the results then it is certain that Deepika will head the title of the Big Boss 12. Wait tonight

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