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Dipika Kakar speak up on Bigg Boss 12 winner fixing

Dipika Kakar speak up on Bigg Boss 12 winner fixing
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Winner of Bigg Boss 12th season Deepika Kakkar, who has become a TV star from the in-laws’ SIMRAR, has become the big consolation of the television industry. Regarding accusations of spending more than 100 days away from home, winning the show and fixing, The News Channel Amar Ujala gave this special meeting with Deepika and ask few questions given below:

When Salman Khan declared you a winner, then there was more of a feeling of surprise than your face, why?

Salman continues to joke. So he called my name, so I thought it was just joking. I have not been convinced so far because the journey has been very difficult. After coming home, I am sure that I have won the Big Boss.

Full 105 days During this, there are so many charges against me. Facing a finger at every job, facing this, keeping myself as I was, was a great challenge in itself. This 105 days of my life will not forget me.

You made Sreesanth your big brother. How many more friends were there in this journey?

I have made a very special relationship with Srishnith Bhai and I would like to continue this. Big Boss’s home environment shakes the best. When I was getting weak, he was handling me. There is a good rapport with everyone else but there is no other relationship like brother.

How would you feel if your place was won by Sreesanth Ji?

I was very happy for them because at the time I was most pleased, when we both were in Top Two. The Big Boss brings your real face to the fore. I and Shri Sansanth have always shown their real face to the audience.

But there are allegations that Dipika has won from fixing?

When you do something in life then there are some people who give you a ride and there are some people who do not. Now this is his thinking. In the end, this fight was not for me to win the Big Boss only. I had to prove that the way I am conducting is the same truth. This is the victory of truth.

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