Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote: Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online (2018)

Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote: Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online (2018)
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Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote: Hey Guys!!! Are you a huge fan of Bigg Boss Telugu and searching for Bigg Boss Telugu Voting online? Are you searching for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Process? Would you like to know “How to Vote In Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online”?

If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place as here we will tell you about Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote. Not only this I’ll also tell you “How To Telugu Bigg Boss Vote Polls”.

As you know that, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 has been started and aired on Star Maa from 10th June 2018. And I know most of you are looking for the Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Voting Online.


Bigg Boss Telugu has started and I know you are going crazy about it and want to vote for your favorite contestant, right?

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So, In this article, I’m going to share some methods of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Online Voting so that you can easily vote for your favorite contestant and save them from Eviction.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote, Voting Poll Online

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote, Voting Poll Online (Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote)

Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting is not easy for everyone but we @BiggBossVotings make it easy for our lovely audience. So that, they can easily put their vote in Bigg Boss 2 Voting Polls.

So, Without any further ado!!!, Let’s get started with Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Live/Online Voting Process.

Best Ways For Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote

This week Bigg Boss has played a new game with the contestants which surprised not only the housemates also the audience. Bigg Boss is conducting reentry voting polls for all the evicted contestants, hence one of them will re-enter the house.

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bigg boss telugu vote week 10

bigg boss telugu vote week 10

Here below I’ll tell you some cool Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Voting Methods. So, just check out quickly!!

  • Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Through Google Account
  • Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting Through Missed Call Voting process

Before talking about these voting process, first, let me tell you role of voting system is important in Bigg Boss and how it’s work.

Bigg Boss Voting is one of the best ways to save any contestant from Eviction. As you know that, every week 4 to 5 contestants are nominated for Elimination Round. So with the help of this voting system, they can easily found who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss house.

So, you just need to vote for your favorite contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu and have to wait for the next Saturday. The Superstar Nani who is hosting this show will announce the name of the contestant who will eliminate from the house.

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Now, let’s check out the above cool ways step by step.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Through Google Account

  • First, Open Google Chrome on your device.
  • Then, Type Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Voting/Bigg Boss Vote 2018/Vote Bigg Boss Telugu/Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting on the search bar and click on “Search” button
  • Then, you’ll get the link of Bigg Boss Star Maa Voting on Google.
  • Now, all you need to select your favorite contestant and click on it.
  • You can put 50 votes as well as it allows you split voting option where you can split your vote into several contestants.
  • That’s it!!! Just click on “Submit” button Your votes will automatically cast on Star Maa official Website.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote Through Missed Call Voting Process

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote through Miss Call

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote through Miss Call

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Missed call voting process is one of the easiest voting process where you can easily vote for your favorite contestant through your mobile.

So, let’s check the process…

  • First, Pick your phone and open dial pad.
  • Then, choose your favorite contestant whom you want to vote.
  • Now, just type your favorite contestant’s missed Call number/code on your dial pad.
  • That’s It!!! Just click on call button your call will be cut with in few seconds and you vote will cast on StarMaa.

Note:- The missed call voting numbers of each contestant is given below so, first check out the numbers before voting through this process.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Contestants Missed Call Numbers

bigg boss 2 telugu contestants
For Telugu Bigg Boss Missed Call Voting
ContestantMiss Call Number/Code
Geetha Madhuri08433900160
Amit Tiwari08433900161
Deepti Nallamothu08433900163
Babu Gogineni08433900164
Roll Rida08433900165
Bhanu Sri08433900166
Kireeti Damaraju08433900168
Deepthi Sunaiana08433900169
Tejaswi Madivada08433900170
Samrat Reddy08433900171
Kaushal Manda08433900172
Nutan Naidu08433900175

Bigg Boss Telugu Eviction this Week

Till now 4 Contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu has been evicted out of 16 housemates.

Week 1 Eviction – Sanjana Anne (Re-entry)

Week 2 Eviction – Keeriti

Week 3 Eviction – Nutan Naidu

Week 4 Eviction – Bhanu Sree

Week 5 Eviction – Shyamla

Shyamala images, pics, photos

Shyamala images, pics, photos

Week 6 Eviction – Tejaswi

tejaswi madivada

Bigg Boss Telugu Daily Video Update

Bigg Boss Elimination List

Bigg Boss Telugu started with 16 contestants n the house. Every week one contestant gets evicted on failing to perform the task.

Before eviction, a few contestants are put in the danger zone and people have to vote for them to stay in the house. This thing is called Bigg Boss Telugu vote. After receiving the vote till friday of every week, the results are announched on Staurday or Sunday when Nani comes comes to host the show.

This final elimination is done on the number of votes contestants getting in voting mechanism.

Moreover, Those who want to use their vote to save their favorite Big Boss contestants must cast their vote in between Monday Evening to Friday Midnight.

Week 1Sanjanna anneEliminated
Week 2Nutan NaiduEliminated
Week 3
Week 4ShyamalaEliminated
Week 5Bhanu SreeEliminated
Week 6TejaswiEliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Captain List Weekly

WeekCaptainTask Name
Week 1No Captain-
Week 2SamratBigg Boss Mela
Week 3Amit TiwariOopiri Unnantha Varaku
Week 4Roll RidaBiryani Vindhu
Week 5KaushalNaluguru Monagallu
Week 6Geetha MadhuriInti Samskarthallu
Week 7TanishCrush Those Tomatoes

Bigg Boss Telugu Daily Written Update


The day began and the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants who lost an opportunity to converse with their friends and family were given one more possibility. In any case, as we realize that Bigg Boss will set a few principles to win the assignment, he laid standards that the Contestant must Self-select and lose the captaincy for the whole season.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is prepared for you on Google and do Big Boss Telugu Vote online to allow to your most loved competitor to be a piece of Bigg Boss Telugu Show once more. Here we could see there is an assignment named Pan Shop where the folks could play with the magnificence Pooja Ramachandran and Girls could talk. Give us a chance to pause and watch how far Bigg Boss competitors could achieve the undertaking.

The undertaking has been finished and the four challengers awed Pooja are Geetha, Deepthi, Samrat and Amit. So Bigg Boss requesting that they remain in the Captaincy undertaking. Presently we need to perceive what will be the assignment given by Bigg Boss to our Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants.

The 4 Captain assignment hopefuls are requested to remain on wood. The person who stops till last will win the undertaking. Alternate hopefuls will endeavor to exasperate the competitors. At the point when Babu Gogineni pushed Deepthi down the wood tossing container of water, Geetha Madhuri became the Captain of Bigg Boss House as Kaushal utilized the wiping stick and kept Amit and Samrat down which made .

The things wound up hot in the middle of Geetha and Babu. As Geetha examining the issue with respect to Babu’s endeavor to oust Deepthi the things turned out to be wild. Gogineni would not like to talk about him before other Bigg Boss competitors. While Geetha said that it is a fundamental dialog and there is no compelling reason to get irate with that. Today was one of the most fun as well as the heated Bigg Boss scene till date.


In the last episode, Tejaswi was evicted from the house becuase of low number of votes.

Pooja entered the bigg boss house and she is the new section in the Bigg Boss Telugu House. She slept with in the couch and when Kaushal got her she got opened to him. He gave her an arrangement to covered up under the eating table and frighten Geetha Madhuri while she is serving supper. Despite the fact that the arrangement didn’t work out, she woke up with the tune and presented herself with all other Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants.

Pooja Ramachandran is becoming acquainted with the general population in the Bigg Boss House. In the interim, Tanish demonstrated his prejudice towards Deepthi Sunaina for dozing and when Samrat included the things got warmed up. Sunaina said that Tanish has changed a great deal and Tanish said that She selected Amith and Roll Rida only for entertainment only reason which ought not be bolstered.


Bhanu Sri got evicted and as the explanation behind her assignment is Amit he bemoaned. Deepthi Sunaina regretted as well and Geetha Madhuri is helping her to recuperate. Her words are mitigating and helping her to get well soon. Bhanu Sri while going from Bigg Boss showed a thing or two to the next Bigg Boss Contestants to play their own amusement. It is supper time Kaushal was doing the Bigg Bombe undertaking forced on him by Bhanu Sri.

Day 36 started with a rap melody which elated Roll Rida. Kaushal requested that Deepthi Nallamothu restart her wellness so her cheeks will look fine. It is Picnic time in the Bigg Boss Garden. Bigg Boss sent chicken for the Bigg Boss candidates. Presently there is an exchange about Bigg Boss trump card passage.

So, guys, this is all about Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote Process, I hope you understood the actual process of Bigg Boss 2 Voting along with Bigg Boss Telugu this week captain, Telugu Bigg Boss Elimination list. If you still have some queries regarding Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting then just comment us below we’ll help.

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