Bigg Boss 17 Boss Meter Voting Poll & Result (2023)

Bigg Boss Season 17 is going well. The fans are hooked on to the show already. The second-week nominations have taken place last Tuesday (25th October). The voting lines are open for the viewers until Friday. The fans can log in to the JioCinema platform and vote for their favourite contestant. Read the complete voting process here.

Apart from this, there are also many other exciting things happening around the Bigg Boss 17 show. One of them is the ‘Boss Meter’ contest.

What is Boss Meter Voting in Bigg Boss 17?

The Boss Meter contest happens on a weekly basis. In this contest, Bigg Boss announces certain contestants who are put in front of the public voting and the audience has to vote for the best contestant who deserves to be called the ‘Boss’ according to them.

This contest is conducted on the social media handles of the Bigg Boss show. You can find them below:

Whenever there is a new Boss Meter contest you will get to know about it on the above-mentioned social media profiles. The fans have to directly comment the name of the contestant they want to vote for. That’s how the voting process is for this Boss Meter contest.

Bigg Boss 17 Boss Beter Voting Result This Week

We are adding the latest Boss Meter voting poll from our side. You can find and participate in the voting poll below.

This is a public opinion poll. You can go ahead and participate in the official Boss Meter contest on the above-mentioned social media profiles. Thanks for visiting The ultimate place for Bigg Boss Online Voting Polls, Nomination and Elimination Updates!

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