Bigg Boss 17: Munawar and Mannara coming closer to each other?

The game of Bigg Boss 17 became even more fun on the 11th day. While there was love between some members of the house, there was tremendous conflict between others. Some faces were seen laughing and laughing and some were seen crying. The biggest dispute is being seen between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain right from the beginning. Ever since both the husband and wife came on the show, there has been only conflict between them instead of love and on the 11th day, Ankita was seen crying in front of Vicky.

Once again in the show, Ankita was seen blaming Vicky for not supporting her. Actually, Vicky is angry with Ankita and when she goes to talk to him, he refuses to come with her. After which both of them come into the bedroom and fight a lot. Ankita tells Vicky that she is feeling very lonely and he is not with her. On which Vicky gets angry and blames Ankita for everything.

The wind of love blows in the house and then it blows away. Till now everyone was just watching but now everyone has also started talking about it. The news has spread in the locality that Munawar and Mannara are coming closer to each other and there is definitely some chemistry between them.

This time the weekend attack will not be on Saturday and Sunday but on Friday and Saturday. On Friday night at 10 pm and on Saturday at 9 pm, Salman will address the family members and will be seen giving a tremendous class to the family members. This week, 6 housemates have been nominated to be evicted from the house.

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