Bigg Boss 17 Week 2 Voting Poll Results

Bigg Boss season 17 started on 15th October and has entered its second week. The second-week nominations are here already.

Bigg Boss 17 week 2 Nominated Contestants

This week, a total of 6 contestants are nominated. The contestants are Sana Khan, Khanzadi (Firoza), Tehalka (Sunny), Neil and Soniya. These 6 contestants are nominated for the second round of elimination. Last week we saw that there were no eliminations since it was the first week of the season. But this week we will get to see a contestant getting eliminated from the show. Who do you think will become the first contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Season 17?

You can go ahead and check out our public poll of Bigg Boss Season 17 here. The public poll helps the viewers to know the voting trend.

Bigg Boss 17 Week 2 Voting Poll Results

As per the results, Firoza Khan aka Khanzadi is leading the second week voting poll with healthy margins. Then followed by Aishwarya Sharma at 2nd, Sunny Arya at 3rd, Sana Khan at 4th, Neil Bhat at 5th and Soniya Bansal at last position. The exact numbers of the 2nd week’s voting poll results are as follows:

  • Firoza Khan (Khanzadi) – 39.65% (159 votes)
  • Aishwarya Sharma – 15.96% (64 votes)
  • Sunny Arya (Tehalka) – 14.96% (60 votes)
  • Sana Khan – 11.72% (47 votes)
  • Neil Bhat – 9.98% (40 votes)
  • Soniya Bansal – 7.73% (31 votes)

Last updated: 25th October 10 AM.

We keep updating this section of the article with the latest numbers. So keep coming back to to check the real-time updates.

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